about us

Ocha + Oasis = o c h a s i s

Ocha: "Tea" (most often green tea). Tea ceremony. The act of having tea.
Oasis: Something that provides pleasant relief and peaceful changes.

A calming place amongst the hustle and bustle of every day life

Everybody needs their own little oasis. ochasis offers the finest ocha (green tea) directly from Japan to help you create your own peaceful and healthy oasis.

Our story

At the heart of ochasis is a real passion for green tea, the genuine taste of Japan.

Aiko, the founder of ochasis, was born and raised in Japan. Her mother, a tea ceremony master and licensed instructor, taught her the essence of the Japanese tea ceremony - how to prepare the different types of matcha, the use of beautiful authentic Japanese teaware and the mental states required in performing it. She was also taught about the different characteristics of a wide variety of Japanese green tea and how to brew them properly. The learnt knowledge carry over into everyday life. This love of green tea has stayed with her throughout her life, and she continued to deepen her knowledge of Japanese Green Tea.

After graduation from college in Japan, she moved to New York City, where she met people from all over the world. Soon she realized there was one common question she was asked by her multinational friends: "Where can I get really great authentic Japanese green tea at reasonable prices for daily use? Do you have some recommendations?" She couldn't give them a satisfactory answer. Options are limited outside of Japan. Many types of available mass-produced Japanese green tea were not what she would call "great authentic Japanese green tea."

This is why ochasis was born. Our mission is to offer authentic and hand-picked Japanese green tea directly from green tea farms in Japan to those outside of Japan, like her friends. She works closely with local green tea producers throughout Japan to select the finest, highest quality green tea to deliver the true "taste of Japan" worldwide.