Kyo-yaki Teacup (Blue-green)
by Hiroyuki Kitagawa

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This Kyo-yaki teacup (Yunomi) with beautiful glaze flow is handmade by Hiroyuki Kitagawa, an accredited Master of Traditional Arts (Dento Kogeishi) by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Type: Kyo-yaki (Kyo ware) / Kiyomizu-yaki (Kiyomizu ware): Kyo-yaki is the general term for the pottery produced in Kyoto. Kiyomizu-yaki originally referred to a type of Kyo-yaki made in the Gojozaka district near Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto. Today, Kiyomizu-yaki refers to all potteries made in Kyoto.
Pottery production in Kyoto began to flourish as the art of the tea ceremony, and it became more popular in the 16th century. In the 17th century, master craftsmen Ninsei Nonomura and Kenzan Ogata laid the foundations for what is today known as Kyo-yaki/Kiyomizu-yaki with sophisticated designs and techniques.
Kiln: Yasaburo kiln
Material: Ceramic
Size: D 7 cm / 2.76 in x H 10.5 cm / 4.13 in 
Volume: 200 ml / 6.76 oz 
Weight: 214 g / 0.47 lb 
Place of Origin: Handcrafted in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Note: Each piece has a unique irregular shape. Actual color may vary from picture due to screen settings.