Mino-yaki Matcha Bowl

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This Mino-yaki Matcha Bowl Konsai is intentionally made to not be perfectly smooth and round, which makes it beautifully unique and creatively distinctive.

Type: Mino-yaki (Mino ware): Mino-yaki is the general term for ceramic wares made in the Mino Province, the south part of Gifu Prefecture, which is the birthplace of Mino-yaki in Japan. The history of Mino-yaki can be traced back over 1300 years ago. They are still very popular and widely used in everyday life in Japan today.
Material: Ceramic
Microwave: No
Size: D 11 cm / 4.33 in x H 6.8 cm / 2.68 in
Volume: 300 ml / 10.14 oz
Weight: 240 g / 0.53 lb
Place of Origin: Handcrafted in Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Note: Each piece has a unique irregular shape. Actual color may vary from picture due to screen settings.