Organic Josencha Green Tea SHUNKOU
100 g (3.53 oz)

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Josencha green tea is a superior grade sencha green tea with a richer taste, deeper grassy aroma and pleasant astringency.

Our Organic Josencha Green tea SHUNKOU, sourced from a single estate in Uji area in Kyoto, is carefully made from first flush green tea leaves. Upgrade your daily sencha routine with this superior josencha to enjoy deeper Zen moments.


Organic green tea
Gluten-free. Vegan friendly. Non-GMO. Dairy-free. No preservatives.

Organic Certifications

✓ JAS organic certification (JONA)
✓ USDA National Organic Program
✓ EU organic certification
✓ Canadian Organic Regime (COR)

Tea Producer Profile

Family owned and operated green tea farm in the Uji area of Kyoto for over 160 years.
One of the pioneers of organic green tea in Japan for over 40 years.

Brewing Notes

ochasis organic josencha green tea leaf  10 g · 2 tbsp    ochasis organic josencha green tea hot water  270 ml · 9.12 oz    ochasis organic josencha green tea thermometer  70°C · 158°F    ochasis organic josencha green tea watch  60 sec

Water temperature (70°C · 158°F) is important to bring out of the best of josencha green tea.
Using soft water with fewer minerals is recommended to ensure the quality of the tea.

(1) Pour 270 ml · 9.12 oz of boiled water into an empty teapot (Kyusu) and let the water cool down to about 80-90°C · 176-194°F.

(2) Pour the hot water in the teapot into tea cups (Yunomi) to let the water cool down to about 70-80°C · 158-176°F.

(3) Put 10 g · 2 tbsp of josencha green leaves into the teapot.

(4) Pour the hot water from the teacups into the teapot and wait for 60 seconds. Make sure not to shake the tea pot while brewing as this will bring out the bitterness.

(5) Pour josencha green tea into the teacups. When serving several cups of tea, pour a little into each cup in turn, then repeat in reverse order to ensure an even density of tea in each cup. Make sure not to leave any tea in the teapot as the last drops contain the essence of josencha’s rich flavor.

(6) Enjoy!

* For the second and third infusion, use hot water with a higher temperature and brew for a shorter time than the first infusion.

Safety Assurance

Lab tested for radioactivity and agricultural chemical residue.
Contamination sensors and metal detectors used when processing the product.


Avoid heat, moisture, sunlight, air and odors.

Unopened: Store in a cool, dry and dark place or in the fridge. If you will not open your package for more than two months, keep it in the freezer.
Opened: Seal tightly after using and store in a cool, dry and dark place or in the fridge.

* After taking it out of the fridge/freezer, allow it to warm up to room temperature before opening/using to avoid condensation.
** Once it’s opened, use in 2-3 months to ensure optimum freshness, taste and color.

Country of Origin